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dvd-coverHere’s a selection of videos, Standup, Interviews & other bits & pieces.

The last two videos are taken from Lucy’s first full length DVD, “The Good Life” which you can buy direct from Just click on the DVD cover to your right to be taken to the GFS site to place your order.

The DVD contains Lucy’s full “Good Life” show & 20 minutes of extra behind-the-scenes content. Currently on sale for a stupidly cheap £4!! (+P&P)
Or you can get a DRM-free download of it for a fiver.

You can also download a full size DVD cover for it here.

Blogfest 2014

Edinburgh & Beyond 1

Edinburgh & Beyond 2

The Comedy Store Clip 1

The Comedy Store Clip 2

The Good Life Clip 1

The Good Life Clip 2

Lucy Loves You 1

Lucy Loves You 2

Lucy Loves You 3

2014 Soho Interview

A Coffee With…


2009 Edinburgh Fringe Interview

2009 Edinburgh Fringe Interview

2008 Edinburgh Fringe Interview

2008 Edinburgh Fringe Interview

Lucy on ITV’s Comedy Cuts

Dan Antopolski’s Sandwich Rap