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No Regrets! New Show coming soon…

No Regrets! New Show coming soon…

Lucy Porter – No Regrets!

The irrepressible Lucy Porter bounces back into action with a show all about regrets. Frank Sinatra had too few to mention, but Lucy’s got hundreds, and she’s prepared to go into graphic detail about all of them. Disastrous dates, professional calamities, ruined friendships and parenting fails. Lucy describes all the mistakes she’s made, works out why they happened, and ponders how her life would have turned out if she’d acted differently.

Lucy looks at the things we might all collectively regret – not sticking to the work-life balance we strove for during lockdown, not realising that clapping for the NHS wouldn’t be enough to save it, allowing people we thought were quite fun on TV to become politicians.

How does regret tie in with guilt and shame? As a middle-aged, middle-class, left-leaning ex-Catholic, guilt is one of Lucy’s top five hobbies (along with going to the garden centre, doing jigsaws, making bread and watching subtitled foreign dramas on Netflix. She’s also ashamed of all these hobbies.)

It’s not all negative though. If you regret something, you can use it to change your ways: see the thing you regret as your rock bottom, and let it spur you on to become a better person. Lucy looks at how she can use shameful or annoying things from her past to change her future.

Lucy regrets volunteering at the school fete when her kids were younger, because now she’s committed to being the Hook a Duck Lady twice a year for the rest of her life. Maybe she could learn to say No a bit more?

Impeccably punch-lined anecdotes… Genuinely delightful” ****
The Telegraph

A treat from start to finish” *****
The Herald

Lucy Porter’s Lucky Dip

Lucy Porter’s Lucky Dip

Radio 4 favourite Lucy Porter is back with an examination of middle aged, suburban life. Ably assisted by her young apprentice Luke Kempner, Lucy tackles bank holiday bin collection schedules, video doorbell footage, and being a member of the ‘sandwich generation’.

Apparently, human happiness peaks at 18, dips to its lowest point between the ages of 49 and 54, then picks up again – by the age of about 65 you’re as happy again as you were at 18. So this show will be a comfort to those in the dip, a warning to younger listeners, and will make the older generation feel incredibly smug.

Caravanning, lower back pain and the irresistible allure of Ken Bruce are all covered in this delightful celebration of midlife madness. This show is for you if you own at least one item of clothing that you bought In a garden centre, or if you get as much pleasure from an episode of The Repair Shop as you once did from a night of passion. Feel free to download it as something to listen to in the middle of the night when the hot flushes or prostate issues are keeping you up anyway

Listen Here!

Stand Up Special Recording

Stand Up Special Recording

Good people of #Pinner, there’s a comedy treat for you on Saturday 17th December! 🙂
Lucy is recording a stand-up special at the village hall for #BBCRadio4, where she’ll be joined by special guest @LukeKempner.
RSVP to @gordongkennedy (emailin the image)

Back In The Family Way

Back In The Family Way

Lucy’s latest radio special is on the BBC sounds website now, you can hear it here – and here’s all the info;

Following her previous, very popular In the Family Way shows, Radio 4 favourite Lucy returns with another examination of domestic life, covering everything from the dramatic to the dreary.

This time, Lucy looks at the effects of the pandemic on our relationships with family, friends and neighbours. The last year has been hard on people who were separated from their nearest and dearest, but it’s also been no picnic for those who were locked up with their loved ones.

Home schooling, working from the kitchen table, zoom quizzes with cousins, clapping with the neighbours – Lucy explores all the things that have brought us together, while also driving us apart. We look forward to the year 2041 and ponder what they’ll make of it in the future.

Talented comedian and impressionist Luke Kempner is on hand again to help Lucy bring her thoughts to life. As always, he displays his range of comic voices, including an impressive impersonation of Lucy’s next door neighbour Yvonne.

Back In The Family Way was recorded at Lucy’s local village hall, with a socially distanced audience of her family, friends and neighbours. Let’s see if any of them are still speaking to her after this show.


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