Lucy Porter’s Lucky Dip

Posted on Tuesday, April 11th, 2023

Lucy Porter’s Lucky Dip

Radio 4 favourite Lucy Porter is back with an examination of middle aged, suburban life. Ably assisted by her young apprentice Luke Kempner, Lucy tackles bank holiday bin collection schedules, video doorbell footage, and being a member of the ‘sandwich generation’.

Apparently, human happiness peaks at 18, dips to its lowest point between the ages of 49 and 54, then picks up again – by the age of about 65 you’re as happy again as you were at 18. So this show will be a comfort to those in the dip, a warning to younger listeners, and will make the older generation feel incredibly smug.

Caravanning, lower back pain and the irresistible allure of Ken Bruce are all covered in this delightful celebration of midlife madness. This show is for you if you own at least one item of clothing that you bought In a garden centre, or if you get as much pleasure from an episode of The Repair Shop as you once did from a night of passion. Feel free to download it as something to listen to in the middle of the night when the hot flushes or prostate issues are keeping you up anyway

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