06 Porter vs McCririck & You had me at “Chase spreadsheet”

06 Porter vs McCririck & You had me at “Chase spreadsheet”

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Quiz isn’t just a mind sport, it’s a mind game – Lucy and Jenny discuss the psychology of quizzing. How do you prepare mentally and physically to succeed in your quizzing exploits? Can you drink and quiz?   We chat to Jack Yeo, who has turned his obsession with TV quiz shows into a career behind the scenes in game show development – he tells us about that, and how his analysis of statistics means he knows the best tactics for contestants to take on The Chase.   Our second guest is journalist Simon O’Hagan, who tells us about the challenges of setting the weekly quiz for the Independent magazine, the joy of finding great questions, and the art of writing an interesting and fun quiz.   The Quiz Syllabus topics today are designed to really challenge each other on our weaker areas. Lucy poses some stumpers on Battles, while Jenny sets questions on Sporting Trophies.   Get in touch: Facebook / Twitter @FingersBuzzers / fingersbuzzers@gmail.com Produced by: Amanda Redman Artwork by: Brendan Appleton Music by: Justin Edwards & Kevin MacLeod (Happy, Happy Game Show), Mad Moments Go (The Winner). Voice Over: Pete Donaldson For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy

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