105 Booking Time with Lucy & Jenny

105 Booking Time with Lucy & Jenny

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As the need for filling up the Christmas stocking gathers pace (at the time of record and release, anyhow) Lucy and Jenny have decided we deserve an early Christmas treat in the form of a snippet of their book, Fingers on Buzzers: From Bullseye to Pointless, a celebratory journey through the history of the Great British Quiz!

As well as being available online and from all good bookshops in print, it's also in audiobook form, and as listeners know, Jenny and Lucy really are a proper treat for the ears.

Not only do we get a glimpse of what to expect from their book, but we also get a look behind the covers of two curious tomes from the past, including The Antiques Roadshow quiz book, presented to us by lovely listener, Alan Dunn AND we also delve into a quiz book from a star of the silver screen and not a lot of people know that he loves setting questions about historical happenings with incredibly tenuous links to days of the year....You were lonely supposed to answer the bloody questions.

BUY THE FOB BOOK HERE! Fingers on Buzzers: From Bullseye... by Ryan, Jenny (amazon.co.uk)  

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