107 Slapstick Quizzing, with Robin Ince

107 Slapstick Quizzing, with Robin Ince

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It's finally happened! After several attempts, diaries finally aligned with the stars and Lucy and Jenny could welcome the delightful Robin Ince to the show... Well, almost aligned, as it turned out that Jenny had to dash off for a secret TV gig during Robin's visit, but for a short time, we were able to have all three in the same room.

Robin, as you can imagine, has infinite stories about quizzing on and off TV, and tells us why a quiz experience from his youth made him resist Mastermind for so many years.

Lucy and Robin also discuss who would be on their ultimate pub quiz team and which comedians would not get an invite. Plus, we gain some incredible general knowledge about the world of slapstick comedy and Robin uses the short time he had with our Jen to ask her some burning questions.

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