41 Desert Island Buzzers

41 Desert Island Buzzers

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Who doesn't love a podcast mash-up? Maybe it's not your thing and you'd condemn them to a desert island forever if you could? Hopefully not, but if you happen to have a list of people, animals and things you'd banish tomorrow, then top, podcast 'Desert Island Dicks' would probably be a cathartic listen for you, and James and Dan from that very podcast join Lucy & Jen for this episode for some cathartic, quizzing fun. If you've been wanting to brush-up on your trivia on the subject of deserts, islands and dicks - then look no further than this very fun episode. Warning: it all gets a bit 'carry-on' towards the end, but who doesn't love a double entendre? Just be thankful the producer chickened-out of calling the episode 'Fingers On Dicks'.  

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