47 Fingers Adrift

47 Fingers Adrift

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In the final episode of series 3 of Fingers On Buzzers, Lucy and Jenny welcome erstwhile 'Eggheads' adversaries, Geoff Lloyd and Annabel Port, to represent podcast 'Adrift' in the finale of the pod mash-ups. Why DID Judith Keppel have beef with Geoff as a result of their 'Eggheads' appearance? How many vocalists of the group 'The Drifters' had in their 65 year history? And which A-lister was born with their own golf-ball sized twin on their shoulder? You'll find all of that out and MORE just by putting this episode in your ears! The FOB team are taking a short break over the summer, but we will be back in September 2020. Take care everyone, thanks for listening and we cannot wait to be back with you all again in the autumn.  

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