60 Lucy & Jenny’s House of Board Games

60 Lucy & Jenny’s House of Board Games

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Christmas 2020 is coming (well, at the time of record anyway) and the goose may well be getting fat, but as long as it's in a socially distanced bubble - that's FINE! The festive season may well be a quieter affair for many of us, but that's no reason not to have the annual argument over a yuletide board game. Lucy and Jenny decide to experiment with 2 games - one from Christmas past, the other from Christmas present - to see how viable it is to enjoy a family game over zoom - and the verdict is....where there's a will, there's a way. To see which games old and new get the Fingers on Buzzers treatment, have a listen and keep watching the FOB social media, as one of the games played could be yours! This is the last episode of Series 3 of Fingers On Buzzers, the ladies will return very early in 2021 and will also pop-in for another Christmas, open house quiztacular on December 18th.    

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