71 Zoe Lyons’ Suit of Lightening

71 Zoe Lyons’ Suit of Lightening

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The day has finally arrived, after much negotiation and chat between our lawyers, Lucy and Jenny finally welcome the fabulous comedian and host of 'Lightning', it's Zoe Lyons! I'm of course joking about the need of lawyers, but it should be illegal to be as funny as Zoe and she also turns out to have a huge talent as a quiz show host, but you may be surprised to hear where she gets her hosting inspiration from. As well as learning what the process was for getting that converted job, we also get an insight into how many questions 'Lightening' gets through (and it's staggering) and which words couldn't be included in any of Anne Robinson's questions on 'The Weakest Link'. Every day's a school day!   Come and see Lucy and Jenny LIVE on 20th October 2021 when they record FOB in front of an audience at The Covent Garden Studios, London with special guest, James Harkin! For info and tickets, go to: dice.fm/event/qm3la-fingers-on-buzzers-live-20th-oct-covent-garden-studios-london-tickets  

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