92 The Bumper Christmas Edition with LES DENNIS

92 The Bumper Christmas Edition with LES DENNIS

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Time to do your best Noddy Holder impression .... IT'S CHRISTMAAAAASSS'!

Yes, the FOB team are here to deliver a bumper edition to see you through the festive season, and beyond!

As well as taking us through the Christmas TV quizzing schedules and indulging in some retro Mastermind questions, our Lucy and Jenny have also provided a wonderous bounty of prizes for their epic tombola!

If you entered your name, then chances are you've won something 'donated' by our generous hosts, so have a listen and see if your name is called ... don't despair if it isn't though, as they have plenty of tat....I mean, vintage goods in their cupboards, so you will receive a prize!

And last but definitely not least, the team cast their minds back to one amazing night in September 2022, when they performed live at the London Podcast Festival and were joined by none-other than Les Dennis!

Les shared some gems from his family fortune days and played along with various games and quizzes and in this episode, you'll hear some of that delightful occasion.

Enjoy and MERRY CHRISTMAS from the Fingers on Buzzers team.


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