98 Quiz Capsule, with Michael Fenton Stevens

98 Quiz Capsule, with Michael Fenton Stevens

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Well, Lucy and Jenny have certainly managed to unearth a real treasure when it comes to this week's guest, as it just so happens to be, actor, writer and host of the hugely successful 'My Time Capsule' Podcast, the lovely Michael Fenton Stevens, who took time out to speak to us from the hardship of filming Death in Paradise in the Caribbean!

Not only is Michael a wealth of fantastic showbiz anecdotes thanks to his incredible career, but he's also pretty great at dishing out quiz worthy facts (even if they are actually curtesy of his wife).

Jen and Lucy also manage to dig up the only time friend of the show, and the best hugger in the biz, Mr Ben Shephard displayed potty mouth behaviour, you could say he had finally reached his Tipping Point...


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