2013 – People Person

2013 – People Person

‘People Person’ is a guide to the human condition that draws on Lucy’s academic background as a student of social anthropology, and her social background as a party animal.

As a comic on the international circuit, Lucy has met thousands of people.
Now that she’s no longer such a road-dog, Lucy has discovered that there are equally fascinating folk closer to home.

This show combines extraordinary stories in exotic locations with similarly startling tales from the more mundane domestic sphere.
You’ll hear how Pamela Anderson tried to get Lucy killed in Vegas, and how a more recent criminal plot unfolded in a Camden Town hairdresser’s.

Key questions explored during the hour will include:
Are human beings inherently good or bad?
Is it better to be lonely or surrounded by twats?
Is Gloria Hunniford the principal cause of post-natal depression?

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