2006 – The Good Life

2006 – The Good Life

Are you in your late twenties or older, and slightly worried that you’re not really a ‘good’ person?

Worried that the legacy you’re leaving for future generations’ amounts to little more than a mountain of debt, a mountain of non-biodegradable rubbish, and a mountain of thoughts and opinions that add nothing to the advancement of the species?

Lucy Porter is worried about all these things and plenty more besides.

Can a drinking, gambling, all-round hedonist ever consider herself to be morally good?
Can an avid consumer of cheap airfares, pop culture and cheap clothes ever be good to the planet?

Can a bubbly, affable, happy comedienne ever be really good at delivering stand-up that affects other people?

A DVD of The Good Life is available via GoFaster Stripe, and can be bought here.

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