94 Catching up on the Quiz

94 Catching up on the Quiz

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Well, well, well...what time do you call this? Our Lucy and Jenny are FINALLY back with a brand-new series, which promises some amazing guests and quizzy fun, but why on earth has it taken so long to record a new series?

In this episode, not only do our hosts catch-up on all the quiz news and what they've been up to, including Lucy's hugely popular stint sitting in Richard Osman's chair (on a much higher setting) and what's been going on with new episodes of The Chase and Beat the Chasers, but

we also hear why such a long gap was needed before another series could even be thought about, and let's just say, it might fill a space in some Christmas stockings this year…

So welcome one and all, it's lovely to be back and if you wanted to see Lucy and Jenny IN THE FLESH, then they are doing two shows this Autumn in London - details below - see you there!

See Lucy and Jenny with special guest Tim Dowling at this year's London Podcast Festival on Saturday 9th September 2023, 4:30pm Fingers on Buzzers • Comedy • Kings Place

They will also be at The Museum of Comedy on 11th October 2023 - Museum of Comedy - What's On


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