95 Settling the Score: With Ed Byrne

95 Settling the Score: With Ed Byrne

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At long last, justice for Lucy, as scores get settled with her quizzing nemesis, Ed Byrne. As regular listeners know, Ed managed to drop a clanger on Pointless Celebrities which cost them the trophy - but has all been forgiven?

Well, the team gathered in a karaoke booth during this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival to talk it all through, play some games and see if anyone called 'Kim' performed in a TV dance troop.

Jenny and Lucy give away prizes galore to the select group in attendance, and we find out Ed is possibly this decades Paul Daniels!

See Lucy and Jenny with special guest Tim Dowling at this year's London Podcast Festival on Saturday 9th September 2023, 4:30pm Fingers on Buzzers • Comedy • Kings Place

They will also be at The Museum of Comedy on 11th October 2023 - Museum of Comedy - What's On


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