In The Family Way… Again

In The Family Way… Again

Radio 4 favourite Lucy Porter returns with another examination of domestic life, covering everything from the dramatic to the dreary.

Following up last year’s In the Family Way, Lucy looks at the question of legacy – what do we receive from our parents, and what do we pass on to our children?

Lucy hasn’t entirely been a winner in the genetic lottery. She has inherited dodgy knees, terrible teeth and a small third nipple. Her collection of family heirlooms consists of glass clowns, porcelain horses and offensive jam lids. Lucy does, however, want to instil in her own kids some of the values her parents taught her, including patience, courage and charity.

Talented comedian and impressionist Luke Kempner is on hand again to help Lucy illustrate the points she wants to make. As always, he displays his range of comic voices, including an impressive impersonation of Lucy’s Welsh great-grandmother.

In The Family Way… Again is a kind of love letter from Lucy to her mum, and a tender reflection on the things our parents do that drive us mad – things we’ll inevitably end up doing ourselves.

Recorded live at Circus Stratford

Written by Lucy Porter
With Additional Material by Gabby Hutchinson Crouch

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